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Property Insurance: Ensuring You Are Covered

Property Insurance: Ensuring You Are Covered



"Is this service covered under my policy?"  

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1. Sewage Backup: Many homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for damage caused by sewage backups in the home. This coverage typically includes the cost of cleanup and repairs to the property.


2. Mold Infestations: Coverage for mold damage can vary significantly among insurance providers. Some policies may provide coverage for mold remediation if it is a result of a covered peril, such as a burst pipe or water damage from a covered event. However, coverage for mold infestations due to maintenance issues or neglect may be excluded.


3. Crime Scene Cleanup: Some homeowners insurance policies may cover the cost of biohazard cleanup resulting from criminal activities, such as vandalism, burglary, or violent crimes. However, coverage may be subject to certain limitations and exclusions.


4. Accidental Bodily Fluid Cleanup: Coverage for cleanup of bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit, may be included in some homeowners insurance policies, especially if it is related to a covered event like a medical emergency or accidental injury.


5. Animal Infestations: Damage caused by animal infestations, such as bat guano or rodent droppings are usually not covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy.


6. Chemical Spills: Coverage for cleanup of chemical spills in the home may be limited or excluded under standard homeowners insurance policies. Homeowners may need to purchase additional coverage or a separate pollution liability policy to ensure adequate protection.


It's important for homeowners to review their insurance policy carefully and understand what biohazard situations are covered and what exclusions may apply.


In some cases, homeowners may need to purchase additional coverage or riders, to ensure they are adequately protected against biohazard risks. Additionally, homeowners should contact their insurance provider to clarify any questions or concerns regarding coverage for specific biohazard situations.

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